To: frog report
From:Zelda Queen of the Night<>
Subject: At Home

We find our two travelers at home where they arrived about 7:30 yesterday evening.
When we drove into the valley Chris said "Everything's so green, so lush, so beautiful! There's so much WATER here!"
And it is beautiful. The garden is in full bloom and overgrown with weeds. Frosty not only kept the plants on the deck alive, they are gorgeous.
Naturally Brian and Steven came right over, and Chris presented them with their souvenirs - a black leatherette attache case packed with two tin cups marked "property of Alcatraz" and several dozen highly illegal and dangerous looking fireworks each. Steven spent the night and I don't expect he and Chris will be up anytime soon as they weren't asleep 'til 11:30!
Man, it is good to be back in La-La Land!

The End

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