[Road Trip]

To: frog report
From:Zelda Queen of the Night<zelda@valley.net>
Subject: We're off

June 7,1998

Hello all,

Well the Frog Army is lined up on the dashboard, the power necklace is twined round the rear view mirror and the household gods are scotch-taped to the top of it. I believe we have everything. We have Tylenol and BandAids and thermometers and antihistamine lotion for bug bites. We have coolers and several tents. We have music. We have electronics to the max. About the only thing I do not have packed in that car is a snake bite kit.


See http://www.valley.net/~zelda/frogs/frogs.html

for the Frog Report.


We'll try to send back regular mailings.


Chuck: I LOVE YOUR CAR (now that I've finally figured out how to turn off the alarm) Thank you, thank you, we are riding in style! It does drive like a dream.

over and out for a while



Zelda and Chris

Lucky thing he did lend me that brandy, spandy new Camry for the trip! My battered Tercel probably wouldn't have made it as far as Tonopah, Nevada....

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