The Frog Army

The Frog Army is a set of 16 plastic rainforest frogs that live with us. They are very aggressive for rainforest creatures, the minute they came to live with us they formed an Army and things went from bad to worse. Sometimes they have all-night conferences in their cardboard box conference room on the couch and then you have to be very careful not to disturb them. (The box is usually right where you want to sit to read too). They used to go for all night cruises in the toy sailboat, then they drank beer and got very rowdy, one could hardly sleep for all the carryings on! They had a remote control Bigfoot jeep which they liked to careen around in at high speeds, whooping and hollering. They kept asking for flame-throwers and took all the Lego men as slaves.

The Frog Army had decided they wanted to see Cadillac Ranch and forced me to drive them out there. They wanted to see a lot of other places besides that too, they expected to be on the road for some five or six weeks. The frogs were going to post regular updates to their website and of course being completely unreliable creatures they never did. I took Chris along for the ride and he and I did send some e-mail now and then with the help of our pet laptop, Bettina.

The frogs have calmed down some with age, slave Lego men aside, and now live mostly in the bathroom. They have taken a few trips since their trek to Cadillac Ranch, travel seems to steady them. One took an un-planned journey into the depths of the plumbing system from whence he had to be retrieved by means of removing the toilet. He seems none the wiser for the experience.


here's the story of our Road Trip with the Frog Army