1005 Emerging Royal FernsImmersing myself in the natural world has been my greatest passion for much of my life. I’ve had the opportunity and great fortune of being able to choose a life and a lifestyle that allows for regular forays into nature.  It’s a place I have always felt welcomed. I consider myself a life-long student of nature. There is always something new to be learned or to be fascinated by. This experience is something that I attempt to convey with my photographic work, and will soon be making available through the publication of my first book, Coming Home to the Heart of Nature, due for release later this year.

On some level we all are aware of nature’s innate ability to rejuvenate and nourish the human soul. In a time when many of the cultural and societal struggles we face tend to pull us away from any reliable experience of peace, nature serves as a constant reminder that peace and beauty and simplicity are essential to our well-being, and always available to us. All we need is the time and a willingness to listen.

Most of my work features scenes and intimate landscapes from northern New England where I make my home. My galleries are arranged by season. I offer my photographs as limited edition fine art giclee prints which make a nice addition to any home or workplace environment, as well as notecard/mini-prints.  I also maintain a blog on this site where I share some of my experiences with the natural world, and I encourage your comments and offer you an opportunity to share some of your experiences.

Any usage of my copyrighted work is strictly prohibited by law without my expressed written permission, which you can obtain by contacting me.
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Mark Council