I wish I had written this

I can’t remember now where I ran across a link to Kim Cofino’s blog. Probably a tweet from one of the education movers and shakers I follow. The post that was linked in the tweet wasn’t even this particular one. But this is a great post. First Steps Toward Becoming a 21st Century Educator. But […]

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web publishing

We do not teach web 2.0 tools or online communication mores at KUA. and I think that’s pretty unfortunate. We now have two a web publishing platform here at KUA, this WordPress installation. and KUtube We have no policies that I know of written with these platforms in mind. We have the AUP – the […]

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wikipedia won’t kill the cat

Curiosity killed the cat they say, and from what I can see for most people, participating in the creation of online content, rather than simply consuming it, might have the same result. A month or so ago, my sister in Oregon emailed me me in great distress. “Grandpa Redfield has a Wikipedia page” she wrote” […]

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