Government by “The People”

In a small state like Vermont, that means you. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and at Town Meeting I asked about being on the Planning Commission. I know they’ve got three people leaving for one reason or another and they need people badly. I’m used to thinking of myself as a good […]

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Democracy is alive

As I sit here in my living room, drinking coffee and preparing to go to my yearly Town Meeting people all over the world are facing death so they can do the same. The Women of Darnah: [youtube][/youtube] Alive in Egypt Alive in Bahrain Alive in Iraq Alive in Libya

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Town Meeting

Town Meeting is Saturday and I’m totally unprepared. I’ve recently moved and my town report is late. We have Town Meeting once a year in Thetford, to discuss and vote on the town budget and vote on any articles before the town. Vermont and New Hampshire both hold Town Meetings, I don’t know of any […]

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