Fever Dreams

Written By: Miranda - Jun• 18•11

Door to the other world ?photo © 2011 Sagar Kumar | more info (via: Wylio)
My brother called last night. He’s been in a hospital for the last week and a half, coming back from the brink of death one more time. Missing most of his digestive system, tumors spreading but slowed by liberal applications of chemotherapy, my brother just keeps keeping on as he has for over nine years.

But this time is different.

He talked about how crazy he had been just before he had gone in to the hospital, and while he was there. He still sounds a little crazy.

He talked about the dreams he had had, being in other worlds – worlds so compelling that he wanted to stay. These other worlds that appeared in his fever dreams began to spill over into this world so that when he dreamed of his hospital bed thatched like a tiki hut and the little man that sat next to it, when he woke the little man was still there. That was one of the odder worlds but there are others. Some of the worlds are so peaceful and beautiful that he says he wonders sometimes what good is it expending all sorts of energy and angst on this life and this world when there are so many others.

He said that the way he thinks of death is that the atoms that make up the fact of you, go into something like a river, a river that can wind its way back to the same spot so that some atoms might revisit places or people that they had been near to before in some other configuration. That’s pretty much the way I’ve always thought of it myself and I was surprised to hear someone articulate my own belief but my brother and I have always been close.

I told him it did not surprise me that he feels there are ways to slip into other worlds though. To my mind nothing could be more likely. With all the legends about portals into other worlds it beggars belief that there is nothing to it. One of these days I suppose he won’t come back. He will slip into one of those peaceful worlds and we’ll begin the process of dismantling his body into its component atoms so that they can join the great river. Maybe they’ll come back around some day.

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