Weekly Roundup

Written By: Miranda - Mar• 12•11

Let’s see…

In Egypt, protestors surrounded and occupied various branches of the State Security – finding many documents and files as well as torture equipment. HossamĀ  Arabwy, a blogger and union activist I’ve been following saw the very cell where he’d been confined and tortured, spent the day sobbing off and on and then published pictures of all the State Security people on Flikr which then removed the pictures because of copyright violation. A musician I had last seen video of playing the guitar in Tahrir was detained and tortured by the army, previously seen as an ally to the protestors.

Meanwhile, in Yemen, there have been rumors of nerve gas used against protestors. Libyans, continue to fight against the insane Gaddafi family, while the rest of the world tries to figure out how to help or even to help at all. Saudis stayed home from their scheduled protests because everything’s just hunky-dory there.

Representative King held congressional hearings here in the US to investigate radical Islamic terrorism, hearings which did not bother calling any experts in the matter. In the past King supported Ireland’s terrorists, the I. R. A., but I guess this is different.

And there’s been a massive earthquake in Japan with an accompanying tsunami.

My brother’s lungs are slowly filling with fluid down in Florida, it seems this experimental cancer drug is nor working for him.

Chickadees have begun singing their spring mating song: “fee – beee”

So it goes…

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