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Party in Cairo

I kept the BBC news online streaming minimized as I worked today so that I could at least listen. Al Jazeera’s live stream does not come through at work. It’s probably some firewall port or something. I haven’t investigated, if I had been able to get it I wouldn’t have gotten much done in the […]

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Getting to know the protesters

Hundreds of people infront of the presidential palace in Heliopolis. So peacful. So cold out here. #egypt #jan25 posted by @jarelkamar from Twitter for iPhone 2 hours 48 mins ago see: I’ve been glued to Al Jazeera Engish’s live stream of Tahrir every moment I haven’t been at work or in the car (except […]

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Egypt, right now, via Twitter

H_Eid Hossam Eid® by 3arabawy كلام فارغ RT @RassdNews: عاجل ومؤكد || اعلان حاله حظر التجوال من الساعه 3 ظهرا اليوم وتم تبليغ جميع الشركات والموسسات عن طريق الهاتف 6 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply » 3arabawy Hossam عمو حسام Protests expected around 3pm RT: @bencnn: In Mahalla, few tanks, NO police. No demos yet. […]

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Egypt Feb 9

For whatever happens next, Egypt’s mobilisation will remain a revolution of world-historical significance because its actors have repeatedly demonstrated an extraordinary capacity to defy the bounds of political possibility, and to do this on the basis of their own enthusiasm and commitment. They have arranged mass protests in the absence of any formal organisation, and […]

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Egypt right now

Biggest turnouts to date, all over the country. Wael Ghonim’s interview riveting This is the real deal. The Berlin Wall of right now. Faculty members of Cairo University [youtube][/youtube] Fine Egyptian Youth [youtube][/youtube] At the barricades

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