The Sandmonkey effect

Written By: Miranda - Feb• 12•11

Hearing that Sandmonkey had been arrested made my heart clutch up. My cousin (whose knowledge of the Middle East is better than mine) had told me I should follow a “witty Egyptian blogger” Sandmonkey, if I was interested in what was happening. I found his blog and read this post: Egypt, right now!. He said he’d be updating on Twitter. I began following him on Twitter, as well as his friends, and people he was following. Then his blog was taken down – Suspended, it said.

The post sprouted back up, on someone else’s. By that time I was hearing from him on Twitter and he’s a really funny guy. I liked him. He’s got a sharp sense of humor that’s aligned with mine.

He had tweeted he was on his way to the square with medical supplies. Then… nothing.¬† Then another tweet: Sandmonkey arrested!¬† Several days later another told of his release.

There was an account in the Times by a female journalist who was arrested with him, terrible  account.

Mubarak thugs destroyed his car, a Champagne colored KIA brand new. He gave an interview with MSNBC some time afterward. He had, apparently, always kept his real name a secret but now – he didn’t care.

Then someone posted a Where’s Waldo, a picture with an accompanying tweet – Find the Sandmonkey: here’s the picture:

He’s the tall guy just to the left of the second upraised baton, black shirt, turned toward the police and looking oddly delighted.

It is impossible to remain uninvolved when you feel as if you know people personally. At least it is for me.

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