Party in Cairo

Written By: Miranda - Feb• 12•11

I kept the BBC news online streaming minimized as I worked today so that I could at least listen. Al Jazeera’s live stream does not come through at work. It’s probably some firewall port or something. I haven’t investigated, if I had been able to get it I wouldn’t have gotten much done in the last couple weeks that’s for sure so it’s a good thing. But today I had to listen. When I heard it coming up I popped the window up and sat transfixed as Suleiman made the announcement.

Then it was time to go to the campus center for lunch and I could not stop smiling. No one at school seems to have been following the events in Egypt much, certainly no one as closely as I have, following the revolution in a Twitter stream as I have. But I could not help bringing it up when I sat with Kathy at lunch. I mentioned it to a few other people and everyone was happy to hear it of course.

For me, following the Egyptian Revolution in the “tweets” of individual human beings has been a really life-changing experience, I mean that. Not so much the messages themselves, although the immediacy of it is…  frightening and exhilarating all at once. No, what has been life-changing is reading the blogs, looking through the photo albums. Getting to know these strangers from halfway across the world – that’s what’s been life-changing.

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