Thinking about Facebook

Written By: Miranda - Sep• 14•10

I’ve been thinking about Facebook, more the last couple of days now that all the students are back and we need to worry about blocking Facebook during study hall.

The decision to block it during study hours was the recommendation of a committee a year or two ago. The committee was formed of administrators, faculty, students and staff. I was the staff in the mix.

I do see that facebook is an awful distraction for some. I like using it, it’s a good way to keep in touch with old friends. My brother’s been in the hospital having his colon removed. He has cancer (I’ve talked about that before in Driveabout) and has had for over nine years, it’s amazing he is still alive. He used it a lot to keep in touch with everyone while he was in the hospital. He’d post silly pictures he took with the webcam and Photobooth.

This is a picture his friend Mariella made: my brother, his wife and a stuffed rabbit surrounded by their Facebook friends.

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