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The hummingbird clock

The hummingbirds have gone, they left during the first week of September. The week before they left they seemed more agitated than usual. They fought among themselves more, the air was filled with tiny dogfights all week long. Then one day the air was silent. One female hummingbird stayed behind. I took the last feeder […]

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Thinking about Facebook

I’ve been thinking about Facebook, more the last couple of days now that all the students are back and we need to worry about blocking Facebook during study hall. The decision to block it during study hours was the recommendation of a committee a year or two ago. The committee was formed of administrators, faculty, […]

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Stolen Moments

A few weeks ago I saw a baby. I was coming around the north end of Lake Morey and I passed a long low wooden building with porches all along the front. The baby was on a green lawn in front of the building. It wore a long dress made of stripes of brightly colored […]

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