Written By: Miranda - May• 25•10

On the road

I woke up this morning thinking about gratitude
The thing that I am most grateful for today is that my brother is on driveabout.
His last scan showed a bunch of new little tumors but they aren’t going to start more chemo for a few weeks
So he and my sister in law have gone on a road trip before that begins.
When you live with chemo, trips are hard.
The breaks between treatments aren’t long enough to go anywhere
and you feel too crappy anyway.
Driveabout is when you head west with no particular destination in mind.
Almost every morning there are new pictures
Old junkyards filled with cars from the 40’s, abandoned roadside attractions on Route 66,
Moonscapes from Utah, jagged mountains covered with snow, pictures of old friends in New Mexico.
Wonderful pictures.
My brother is on the road and I am grateful.

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