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Written By: Miranda - May• 05•10

I wanted to post the two links here to a couple articles in The Thinking Stick on using blogs as web based portfolios both so I could remember where they were and to be able to direct others to them. I think he’s got some good ideas on using blogs this way, and of course that was the main use I saw for this installation of KUA Press.
Blogs as Web Based Portfolios Part 1
Blogs as Web-Based Portfolios Part 2

He says one very very good thing (among others, I mean I’ve always found him to have good ideas in general) but this thing is important.

One key aspect of a WBP that truly shows learning overtime is having students own the space. When students feel as though the space belongs to them, there is a sense of ownership in what is posted. There is also a freedom that comes with having your own “web site” where you can talk about the things that matter to you the most. WBPs in this way become more than a teacher driven activity that must be completed. They take on a life of their own, allowing students to freely write, and create for their portfolio those aspects of their life that are most meaningful to them.


Many teachers feel they need to control the WBP of the students. When the WBP is seen as “just another assignment” or something else students need to do for school, the interest is lost. The sense of ownership of the portfolio is lost and students’ interest in telling their stories, reflecting on their lives quickly fades.

The blogs being used by students here are all owned by teachers, teachers control the content. The blogs that control the content the least are the most natural, the most used. Some are just another way of handing in an assignment and I don’t think students get much out of that.

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