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heavy hitters

Let’s hear it for the heavy hitters! You know who you are…The harder you hit it the better it will act folks, the ones with the lead foot on the mouse button. I turned into the corner at the end of the stacks of bookshelves at the library yesterday to see a long-time client of […]

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Living on the last mile

I’m writing this at the Latham Library, no, I cannot tell a lie, I’m writing this at home to post later at the library. Our phone line has been getting noisy lately and yesterday it finally became unusable for any kind of data connection. We have dial-up. Most of the time we connect at a […]

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zero waste, or, what happened to the pigs?

A post by Phil Sparks on Mr. McIntyre’s Environmental Science blog,  a response to this article about Nantucket’s trash, led to some interesting reading this morning. In the article I read this on food waste and the benefits of composting. When apple cores, stale bread and last week’s leftovers go to landfills, they do not […]

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web publishing

We do not teach web 2.0 tools or online communication mores at KUA. and I think that’s pretty unfortunate. We now have two a web publishing platform here at KUA, this WordPress installation. and KUtube We have no policies that I know of written with these platforms in mind. We have the AUP – the […]

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