Owen and Eamon’s Fresh Eggs

Written By: Miranda - Oct• 30•09

My son and I have been trying to pay attention to where our food comes from, we’ve been trying to eat locally. You can’t get much more local than the eggs we buy.

A couple of months ago, this table, cooler and sign arrangement began to appear at the end of a local driveway, about a mile from our house, on Mondays and Thursdays. The eggs are $3.00 a dozen.

My son, Chris usually picks them up after school, although the cooler is generally there when we go down the hill past it on the way to work and school respectively.

You leave your money inside the cooler in a plastic bag and take your eggs. This week, the carton had a marketing message in ball point pen:

Now, we don’t know Owen or Eamon (although after seeing the carton I think I may have to meet them) but we’ve been buying these eggs and eating them for several weeks. Why would we buy these eggs? We don’t know what conditions are like up that driveway for those chickens.  I can make a pretty good guess, I see the chickens sometimes roaming around on the hill and they look pretty happy to me.

But what about our safety? What about sanitary conditions? What about the cooler for goodness sake! It does have several freezer packs in it and always seems cool….

Do we trust these eggs?

Well, yes. I do. Hey they have shells and we don’t eat those, do we? They’re sealed already! I can tell if it’s too warm in the cooler. I trust Owen and Eamon. And the eggs really are wonderfully fresh and good.

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