Written By: Miranda - Oct• 02•09

I was cleaning out one of the food cupboards the other day and I came across a jar of corn relish.

This particular jar of relish was given to me by my Aunt Joanna and I remember the September day she gave it to me last year. She spoke about how corn relish in the depths of winter always made her think of the late days of summer, and goldenrod and those afternoons when the only sound is cicadas shrilling.

Aunt Joanna is dead now, she died last May. Yet here is this jar of relish that her hands made, and put in a jar, and gave to me. It seems strange that a condiment could outlive a person.

I’m not sure I’m going to be able to eat this relish. Once it is gone it might feel as if the last of my funny, fun-loving aunt is gone also.

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