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Owen and Eamon’s Fresh Eggs

My son and I have been trying to pay attention to where our food comes from, we’ve been trying to eat locally. You can’t get much more local than the eggs we buy. A couple of months ago, this table, cooler and sign arrangement began to appear at the end of a local driveway, about […]

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Severen Suzuki

[youtube][/youtube] I do not believe I have anything to add…

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post oil

As I put my long johns on this morning it occurred to me that expecting every room to be warm all the time is a luxury that until recently, wasn’t something that anyone expected ever. My house is a little chilly this morning – there’s a frost and I have the heat set at 65 […]

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the deserving poor

I started thinking seriously about income and much and too much – money in other words – a week or so ago. In a semi-organized way I mean. As a subject, not as in “how will I be paying the electric bill this week” kind of way. I was listening to National Public Radio in […]

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episode 1:Thinking about income

I started reading this New York Times article (on a family surviving the severe pay cut of one of the wage earners. ) this morning with my coffee and just finished it up. I found it very striking, very interesting and it fits in perfectly with something I’ve been thinking about a lot these days: […]

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I was cleaning out one of the food cupboards the other day and I came across a jar of corn relish. This particular jar of relish was given to me by my Aunt Joanna and I remember the September day she gave it to me last year. She spoke about how corn relish in the […]

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