my bonny prince, so ruined

Written By: Miranda - Sep• 14•09

I had an old high school friend show up at my front door last Sunday. I hadn’t seen him since my 10th high school reunion, back in 1983. It was great to see him.He had news of all the old gang: Wayne and the Marko Man, Wolfie and Kim. Shawn and Kyle, Julia, Cathy and John.

John – In high school he looked like one of the old time Scottish princes – a real Hollywood highlander with the most wonderful flowing, long, silky red hair, green eyes, as green as May grass. Built like the proverbial… well… Let’s just say he was one big beautiful guy.
I was so in love with him in high school… so head over heels in love I still dream about him sometimes now over 30 years later.

The last time I’d seen was John that same reunion 25 years ago. He was in pretty bad shape that night, pale and shaking. I’d been told he’d been boozing pretty hard.

My old friend said Sunday that John had continued drinking for years, in and out of rehab and AA. Now he was living in a basement in a local city. Paul said he looked like an old man when he saw him last, sounded like one too. Skinny as a rail, sores on his arms and no groceries in the house.

I cried to hear my bonny prince so ruined by alcohol.

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