les défiants

Written By: Miranda - Sep• 07•09

You know how sometimes when you are watching a movie on DVD, subtitles will just appear sometimes for no discernable reason? It happened to me this afternoon as I watched The Defiant Ones with Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis.

Sidney is running down the wharf, pursued by the townspeople. “Get back here, boy!” suddenly becomes “Revenéz-vous!”

I had forgotten what a good movie this is, Tony Curtis aquitted himself very well here

The plot’s not very imaginative – two convicts who’ve been chained together escape when the truck taking them to prison overturns and spills down a hill. One is black and one is white. I will leave it to you to guess which actor plays which. They hate each other but end up with Tony lying in Sidney’s arms after having been shot. Sidney sings to him while waiting for the sherriff to come up and take them back in. It’s an early example of the buddy movie, dated but interestingly so.

Verdict is 3 thumbs up if you’re looking for a Sunday afternoon movie

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