Where’s George?

Written By: Miranda - Sep• 03•09

Once again I find myself feeling like an old crank when I tell you that I remember when the Internet was fun, boy howdy! Or at least wasn’t all slathered with advertising.
I was reminded of that bygone era when my son broght home a five-dollar bill from the store this evening. It was stamped “Track this bill.
We went to Where’s George and entered the serial number of the bill and our zip code. A Google Map mashup showed where the bill had started – Burlington VT. We can track that bill wherever it goes now and we tagged it with a note:

change from Huggett’s. Forgot the ice cream.

No real purpose, just a fun thing to do. This is a fine thing to do with Google Maps.
Internet like it used to be. Now that I’m past a certain age I can start with the “used to be” stuff.

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