The first time I saw Miami Beach

Written By: Miranda - Sep• 03•09

I’ve been thinking about this since I commented on Mr. MacIntyre’s Wildlife Biology blog, noting that the though small changes are easy to make, big changes, changes that really make a difference, are not as easy to do.

I felt as though I had left an impression that small changes don’t make a difference at all and that’s not true. They do. I know this and I have seen how small choices have a big effect.

The first time I saw Miami Beach I was on my way to the Florida Keys with my then husband. We pulled into Miami just at sunset, Jimi Hendrix blasting out the speakers. The neon signs glowed against the pink sky. We drove over to Miami Beach. The very southward end of curved sandy beach looked pink too.

When we walked out on it we saw why.

The beach was covered, absolutely covered, with pink plastic tampon applicators. I mean each square foot had at least half a dozen.

So if you’re thinking that little choices like whether you use the Tampax Pearl® or a regular paper applicator don’t matter, they do.

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