Work Breakdown Structure


I.1.1. Screencasts

I. Script , Record, Edit, Render, Upload

done. Then found better ones at WPMUDev

I. Embed in Help site

I.1.2. Usability

I. User Testing

I. Report recommendations

I. Implement changes

Done. Have not retested

I. Retest

II. Marketing

II.1.1. Digital Photography Site

II. Research photo themes, –Done

II. Choose theme (individual copyright, ease of use) – Done

II. Upload and activate theme for testing – Done

II. Test – Done

II. Solicit photographs (bi-weekly)

II. Post photographs (bi-weekly)

Soliciting photos has not worked well.

II. Promote (solicit comments from faculty)

I’ve approached faculty individually and asked them to comment but haven’t gotten any response.

II.1.2. Format and publish example student photography portfolio – Done

II. Identify students with talent in art, writing, or music

II. Approach selected students with proposal for publishing

II. Assist and encourage students to set up, maintain and promote their sites (continuing)

II.1.3. Present to Academic Council and College Counseling on KUAPress and web publishing, electronic portfolio

II. Configure TwentyTen default theme with KUA specific graphics – Done

II. Populate sample portfolio

II. English, History essays

II. Sports video

II. Wildlife biology poster

II. Painting or drawing

II. Formulate presentation

III. Technical Items

III.1.1. Clone Mac OS 10.6 server running the WordPress Installation- Done

III.1.2. Recompile PHP with mcrypt, test – Done

III.1.3. Clone server – Done

III.1.4. Update to 10.6.4, test – Done

III.1.5. Install Whipple Hill Podium plugin, test – Done

Updated 4-1-11