Quality Plan

Executive Summary:

The Quality Plan lists the major deliverables for the project and gives a detailed account of standards for correctness and completion. It enumerates the quality standards for the deliverables as well as the tools used to achieve those standards.

Quality roles are listed and quality control activities are listed in a table.

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Quality Plan

Major Deliverables:

Human-Computer Interaction:

  • Screencasts
  • Usability Study
  • Usability Report
  • Sample sites

Strategic Planning

  • TOWS Matrix
  • Strategic Initiative – KUAPress


  • Student Marketing Plan
  • Project Planning
  • Work Breakdown Structure

Project Management

  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Quality Plan
  • Communications Plan

Completeness and Correctness Criteria:

Screencasts: cover the titled topic, are rendered and uploaded.

Sample sites: Clearly and attractively configured with appropriate graphics

All documents will be formatted with a standard template and contain an Executive Summary.

Quality standards:

Documents will be clearly written and proofread, formatted with a standard template. Screencasts will be edited in a way that clearly narrates the tasks, all video will be clear and in focus. Any online material will be complete and attractively formatted.

Quality tools:

All documents will be formatted using a Microsoft Word template. Screencasts will be recorded with Jing Pro and edited with iMovie 09.

Quality Roles:

Members of the Kimball Union Academy faculty – initial review of selected deliverables

Kimball Union Academy students – secondary review of selected deliverables

Quality Control Activities